About Us

Welcome to Inspired Salts! Inspired Salts is a family owned and operated specialty infused gourmet salt business located in Portland, Oregon. We specialize in creating unique, high quality infused salt products. Some of our products are recipes from civilizations past, as well as new and exciting recipes for you to enjoy for future generations!

Most flavored salts in today's market place are simply a mixture of dry ingredients and salt. At Inspired Salts, all of our salt products are naturally infused using proprietary methods we have perfected over years of trial and error. These methods allows us to utilize ingredients in their natural state. As a result, every salt granule is infused with flavor. This process ensures the consumer with a truly unique, satisfying and consistent flavor, throughout the Inspired Salts products tasting experience.

With a passion for cooking and food, I found myself experimenting with authentic Mexican family recipes that were passed down over the generations. Since 2003 I have been making special batches of infused salt for family friends and relatives. The reaction and feedback to the salt was overwhelming and we ended up making more and more each year. As the salt starting finding its way outside our immediate circle of family and friends we kept getting requests to purchase the salt. Based on that demand, we are now turning our passion into a business.

At Inspired Salts, we pride ourselves on our quality. We grow the majority of the ingredients that go into our salts, and practice organic sustainability wherever possible. We only use quality ingredients, no dry pepper powder fillers, and nothing artificial. There are never any additives, preservatives or anti-caking agents in our products.

We have a wide variety of salt products that we will be making available, so check our web site often. We invite you to experience the difference in our products, and see what happens when you infuse simple great ingredients, with new life into ancient techniques.

Thank you for visiting!

Fred Torres – Founder/Owner