Welcome to Inspired Salts!

Thank you for visiting us! InspiredSalts.com is a family owned and operated flavor infused gourmet salt business. We specialize in bringing back to life Habanero pepper infused salt products from civilizations past, and creating new infused salt recipes using different hot and mild pepper varieties, and other great natural ingredients.

Most flavored salts in today's market place are simply a mixture of dry ingredients and salt. At Inspired Salts, all of our salt products are naturally infused using proprietary methods we have perfected over years of trial and error.

These methods allows us to utilize ingredients in their natural state. As a result, every salt granule is infused with flavor. This process ensures the consumer with a truly unique, satisfying and consistent flavor, throughout the Inspired Salts products tasting experience.

We pride ourselves on our quality and the use of all natural ingredients.  Pay special attention to the ingredients listing for each product. What you will find is that you will be able to recognize and pronounce each ingredient in the Inspired Salts family of products.  When you look at some of the other flavored salts on the market, you need to ask yourself; "Why eat something you cannot recognize or pronounce?" We strive to create products for you that are complimentary to the inherent flavor of your food, not to overwhelm or mask it.

We are currently developing many more infused salt products in both pure "Kosher" style texture salt and sea salt texture versions, so check back often as we will be adding new salts and other exciting products every month.  Thanks for stopping by to see us!


HOT Seasonings are here! - 11/22/2011
The long awaited Hot versions of our Salmon and Steak seasoning are now here and shipping!
Seasonings are now available! - 4/15/2011
Our long awaited Steak and Salmon Seasonings are now available for purchase!